Northwood Day Care Centre
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Northwood Day Care Centre, Northwood 


Oak Street, Northwood, Stoke on Trent, ST1 2NW 
Tel: 01782 267245

As an older person, it can be hard to fill each day with stimulating activities and companionship, which can can put a burden on family and carers. Northwood Day Care Centre, provides a friendly and homely enviroment, where stimulating company and day outings and short break holidays are part of everyday life. Designed with the frial, elderly person in mind Northwood Day Care Centre is wheelchair accessible throughout and delivers the highest standards of care by trained staff with a genuine interest in the older individual person.

Accommodating up to between 40 & 50 members every day, five days a week, throughout the year Northwood Day Care Centre provides a wide range of care needs for our members in the Stoke on Trent Area with mobility issues and mild dementia and for those of you just looking for some purpose to their day, also offering carers and family members with some well earned respite. Disabled friendly transport is available to and from the centre.

A typical day at the centre will begin with one of our drivers picking you up from home (about 9am onwards) in one of our specially adapted mini-buses with tail lift (if required).

When you arrive at the centre out staff will greet you, and guide you to a seat and introduce you to the other members and staff at the centre who will make you feel welcome and offer you a cup of tea or coffee this is also available all day. Toast is available at a small charge until 11am. During the morning the staff shall ask what you would like to order for your dinner from off the menu. Also you can also order a Sandwhich to take home with you, which are prepared fresh and are ready for when you leave at 3pm this service is available  at a small charge.

During the day various stimulating activities will take place, including bathing (for those who request this service) also hairdressing is available, all you need to do is collect a ticket and Dee our hairdresser comes down to collect you. For Perms and Colours you need to make an appointment for these, speak to Dee and she will book you in.

At 11 oclock onwards different stimulation activities going on etc, Bingo, Arm Chair Exercising, Floor Skittles, Bean Bag Game, Rope Game, Word Searches and table top games or group quiz. At 12.30pm dinner is served, starting with a choice of three starters, followed by a choice of meal from the daily menu, the staff take your orders in the morning part what you would like to have for your dinner, this is completed by a choice of sweet from of our sweet trolly  or a home made rice pudding or hot dessert.

Tea and Coffee will be then served, more activities follow then our drivers will start to take you home from around 3pm onwards.

Nutritional diets are catered and are available with all dietary needs being met. Personal hygiene requirements of members are met by qualified caring staff who respect members dignity and confidentiality. Social activities are ongoing throughout the year, and members are encouraged to participate in these. Holidays in this country are offered, day trips, social evenings, shopping trips, regular evenings out are just a few of the many and varied activities available.

Principles of Care


All staff at the Day Centre are committed and trained to maintain high standards of care, the principles by which staff work is;


  • Privacy, the right of individuals to privacy and confidentiality at all times is observed.
  • Dignity, recognition of the intrinsic value of people regardless of circumstances, by respecting their requirements and their personal needs; treating with respect.
  • Choice, opportunity to act and think without reference to another person, including a willingness to incur a degree of calculated risk.
  • Rights, the maintenance of all entitlements associated with citizenship.
  • Fulfilment, the realisation of personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of daily life.
  • Confidentiality, all staff recognises the need for confidentiality when dealing with individuals on matters relating to them

All our staff follow these 6 priciples of care when dealing with the elderly people in our care.